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Sinclair Oil

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Since the early 1900s, Sinclair Oil has been an integral part of the American rite of passage called the road trip. Its green dinosaur logo remains one of the most recognizable signs on U. S. highways. The company’s refineries not only convert 4 million gallons of crude oil daily into gas, diesel, and jet fuel, they also produce the asphalt on which we drive. Sinclair also owns and operates Grand America Hotels and Resorts as well as Sun Valley and Snowbasin ski resorts.

To effectively compete for market share across all of its businesses, Sinclair requires agile operations. Any bottlenecks in the refining process or business operations can quickly erode value. Most refinery employees rely on virtual desktops to stay productive, whether they are monitoring refining processes, working with financial spreadsheets, or performing administrative duties. It is critical that the virtual desktops that Sinclair provisions for its users perform flawlessly.

Sinclair deployed a NetApp All Flash FAS8040 system supported by NetApp Data ONTAP FlashEssentials—flash optimization technologies that maximize flash performance and efficiency. The company then extended the solution to its corporate office where an All Flash FAS8060 system now supports more than 250 virtual desktop users. Sinclair also moved its VMware vSphere virtual server environment to the All Flash FAS8060 which now hosts Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Those databases power critical applications such as Meridium Asset Performance Management. In addition, NetApp deduplication and compression efficiency features save 90% of VDI capacity while NetApp FlexClone software integrates with VMware to facilitate virtual desktop cloning in seconds.

The ability to achieve submillisecond latency has helped Sinclair reclaim at least an hour of productivity per day for 400 employees at its busiest oil refinery. Productivity has increased at the corporate office as well now that virtual desktops, e-mail, and asset performance management applications are more responsive. This has led to improved communications and better and faster decision-making for a more strategic and competitive business. Agility and operating efficiency are also at their peak because refinery and corporate employees can work from anywhere at any time—with no noticeable latency. The All Flash FAS deployment has driven such a positive operational transformation that the company plans to extend All Flash FAS–supported VDI to its other business lines. Doing so is expected to further enhance visitor services at its sought-after hotels and ski resorts.

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Sinclair Oil

Founded by Harry F. Sinclair on May 1, 1916, Sinclair Oil is one of the largest and most respected oil companies in the United States, operating two cutting-edge refineries in western America. A diversified business, it also owns hotels and resorts.

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