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Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes

Protecting Critical Customer Data in Any Situation

Success in the insurance industry is built on providing outstanding services while safeguarding policyholder information. Any decision must be based on accurate and timely data.

For years, Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes (RCM&D) backed up its data to tape and paid a third party to transport the tapes off site once a week. As the company’s data grew, this strategy became less effective and more cost prohibitive. If a tape backup failed, there was often not enough time to restart and complete the backup before the next business day. Running tape backups during business hours was not an option, because the traffic could affect performance for clients filing claims and accessing information on RCM&D’s systems.

Public cloud was the least expensive alternative for backups, but initially data security seemed risky. Then the company learned about NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage appliances, which are designed to mitigate the security and compliance risks of storing data in the public cloud.

The AltaVault solution's strong encryption capabilities and local key management now enable RCM&D to safeguard client and internal data in the cloud. The solution's simple administration has also reduced backup management time by 93%. This has enabled the company to spend more time optimizing the network, providing faster response times to clients.

In addition, the AltaVault solution's advanced deduplication and compression features not only speed backup but also reduce data sent to the cloud by sevenfold, for a more cost-effective solution. By using a combination of NetApp SnapManager and AltaVault solutions RCM&D has reduced overall data protection costs by 52%. Local restores can also be done in minutes, with no performance impact.

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Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes

For over 125 years, Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes (RCM&D), a Baltimore-based insurance advisory firm, has helped organizations solve complex risk management and employee benefit challenges. The company prides itself on being reliable, privately held, and “detached from Wall Street,” empowering its employees to act expediently on behalf of clients.

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