NVIDIA doubled its pace of innovation to help solve humankind’s biggest problems.


4.5 Million

Jobs per Day


Innovating to solve humankind’s biggest problems.

NVIDIA loves a challenge. After inventing the world’s first graphics processing unit (GPU) in 1999, NVIDIA earned its place as the undisputed leader in PC graphics and gaming, where the pressure to innovate is constant.

NVIDIA’s visionary CEO and cofounder Jen-Hsun Huang challenged his 5,000 engineers to grow beyond the PC and apply the GPU’s high-performance parallel computing capabilities to new lines of business, such as supercomputing, automotive infotainment and navigation, healthcare, and mobile devices.

To seize the opportunity, NVIDIA had to do something about its storage bottleneck. CIO Bob Worrall’s vision for the IT department was simple: get out of the way. Within a month, Worrall had concluded technical evaluations of several providers and made the call to standardize on NetApp to deliver the reliability and performance to propel the business forward. “Frankly, I bet my job on that decision,” says Worrall. But it paid off. From day one, NVIDIA saw huge improvements in stability and performance that have only increased over time. Engineers can now run twice as many jobs per day and can respond more quickly to new business requirements.

“The increased storage I/O performance from the NetApp systems let us jump from 2 million to 4.5 million jobs daily in our compute farm,” explains Pethuraj Perumal, IT storage manager at NVIDIA. The solution also virtually eliminated compute environment downtime, giving NVIDIA engineers uninterrupted access to data to accelerate product time to market.

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Since 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has pioneered the art and science of visual computing. The company’s technologies are transforming a world of displays into a world of interactive discovery—for everyone from gamers to scientists, and consumers to enterprise customers.

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