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My Eye Media

Leading the Way in Professional Quality Control for Movies and TV

Video experiences have come a long way since the television entered millions of living rooms more than 60 years ago. Today, consumers are treated to high-definition (HD) digital video portraying colors and details that would have been unimaginable in the 1950s. And the quality just keeps getting better as industry standard pixel resolutions increase.

At My Eye Media, a postproduction facility, keeping up with higher resolutions is a business necessity. Due to the large amounts of data—up to 10TB for a 4K movie—My Eye Media receives most master files from customers on physical hard drives or LTO tapes. Transferring the files to shared storage took hours, sometimes delaying workflows for editors and QC teams. The company also began to push the limits of its storage capacity and file system. Had it continued on this trajectory, My Eye Media would have been challenged to meet project delivery times for 4K movies and programs.

After evaluating several solutions, My Eye Media decided that a NetApp E-Series array running the Quantum StorNext 5 streaming file system would best fit its needs. The E-Series array provides massive bandwidth performance for the StorNext 5 streaming file system, which is currently one of the industry’s fastest. Since deployment, My Eye Media can take on more concurrent projects while providing a seamless viewing experience for customers evaluating their video deliverables. Simultaneous file transfers complete five times faster, with data integrity verified by MD5 checksums.

As many of its competitors struggle to accommodate their customers’ 4K workflows while meeting deadlines and maintaining quality control standards, My Eye Media is able to deliver better and faster backed by the E-Series array and StorNext5 streaming file system. With the ability to test 4K content in its native resolution, My Eye Media is improving upon the already high level of quality control for which it is known. The company has established a robust and dynamic 4K workflow for its client base that enables My Eye Media to seamlessly manage customer content and bring it back to them with the assurance of 4K media deliverability.

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My Eye Media is a postproduction facility based in Burbank, California. The company performs quality control on audio and video content for Hollywood studios, television networks, and online entertainment providers, many of which are now streaming and producing shows in 4K resolution for ultrahigh-definition TV. These content providers rely on My Eye Media to help make sure that their content meets the new technical requirements.

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Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. is a digital media and technology company with offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Dallas. IMT serves the telecommunications, media & entertainment, IT, institutional, commercial real estate, and hospitality sectors with a broad range of solutions designed to drive new value and efficiencies.

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