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Simplifies and Streamlines Backup of Healthcare Records in the Cloud

Over 150 hospitals coast to coast rely on Engage’s hosting services to manage and protect their critical data, such as MEDITECH electronic health records. Initially, Engage offered tape-based backup services, but the time and cost to create, manage, transport, and store them quickly skyrocketed. More efficient backup processes were needed to enable the division to continue providing customers with the most cost-effective solutions possible.

NetApp AltaVault cloud integrated storage caught decision makers’ attention with a unique and money-saving alternative to purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). To a business already invested in the freedom and flexibly of open source architecture, its straightforward, secure, and efficient operations, coupled with seamless integration with any backup software or cloud, also held great appeal. Testing began immediately, combining a low-cost virtual AltaVault appliance with Engage’s existing MEDITECH-certified BridgeHead backup software. To provide off-site replication, AltaVault targeted the division’s newly created Engage HealthCloud ObjectStore: purpose-built, healthcare-specific enterprise object storage located across existing data centers.

Not only did the pilot validate the solution’s worth with fast, simple, and cost-efficient backup in Engage’s hosted MEDITECH environment, but it also laid the groundwork for a whole new off-site backup-to-cloud service for hospitals and clinics facing similar backup-to-tape challenges.

Supporting a fast and easy rollout, a physical AltaVault AVA400 appliance was deployed within hours. It is capable of accommodating over 4PB of logical data in the cloud—enough to support Engage's hosted MEDITECH backup environment for years to come. Engage uses equally easy to deploy virtual AltaVault devices to support its off-site backup-to-cloud services. Effortless integration with existing backup software, and automated, hands-off management, allows for a fast ramp up and easy administration. That means Engage and hospital IT teams can focus more of their time on mission-enhancing projects. For smaller practices with limited or no IT support, it means clinicians no longer need to take time away from their jobs to change out tapes.

AltaVault also provides fully encrypted in flight and at rest backups with local key management for complete customer control. This helps ensure that patient data is always accessible to authorized personnel for quality care, yet safe and compliant—both on-premises and in Engage’s HealthCloud ObjectStore. Other beneficial AltaVault functionality includes deduplication and compression, which maximize efficiency and extend investment value. For example, Engage can condense over 100TBs of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual backups in a typical hosted hospital’s MEDITECH instance to around 37TBs. And because Engage bases service costs on the deduplicated data rates customers get more value for their dollar as well.

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Engage, the technology division of non-profit Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS), understands the data management challenges today’s hospitals and clinics face. In response, it finds innovative ways to help them leverage information technology to enhance both operational efficiencies and quality of care.

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