Eliminate traditional backup and archival practices with a new backup-to-cloud solution built with AltaVault.



Backup and Recovery SLA Achieved for Maximum Uptime

HCL Technologies Limited

A Better Alternative to Tape

Motivated by customers’ frustration with traditional, labor-intensive backup and archive practices and their escalating costs, HCL set its sights on redefining a manual, decade-old D2D2T strategy. The company envisioned a new offering that would capitalize on the increasingly competitive pricing and limitless capacity of cloud-based backup while meeting customer mandates for savings, manageability, and compliance. Seeking a superior and agile foundation for its new BackupNXT solution, HCL chose NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage appliances.

The first candidate to consider HCL’s AltaVault-supported BackupNXT offering was a global aluminum manufacturer producing high volumes of data across 30 remote sites. With so many locations to protect, and rapidly growing data stores, the company's D2D2T-based backup processes had become difficult, labor-intensive, and expensive. Decision makers were intrigued when they learned that HCL’s new backup-to-cloud solution would enable them to keep the backup software they were comfortable using and support their choice of cloud provider. But they were really sold when they found out that this easily integrated solution would enable them to support a 99% SLA commitment for backup and restore. And they could meet the SLA with significantly less work and risk than the existing D2D2D solution. They could also take advantage of cloud scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing for growing storage needs.

With the green light to move forward, HCL oversaw the successful first pilot of its BackupNXT solution, deploying five physical AltaVault appliances at five of the manufacturer’s remote sites. They provide both a local cache for immediate restoration and a seamless gateway to Amazon Simple Storage Servce (S3) resources. Advanced TLS and AES 256-bit encryption, deduplication, and compression features support secure backups that are 2 to 12 times faster than in the previous tape-based environment. These backups also take up 80% less space in the cloud.

Rollout is now underway to support all 30 sites and protect over 200TB in the cloud. The customer expects to save at least 30% over previous tape-based processes. Time-consuming tape capacity planning for such a large enterprise will also be a thing of the past with flexible, pay-per-use cloud resources. Banking on greater management simplicity, the company anticipates a 35% reduction in annual support costs and 50% less time spent managing its new backup-to-cloud environment. These savings are being accomplished with an AltaVault dashboard that provides single-pane visibility across all supported sites. Such visibility makes it easy for the IT team to remotely monitor and manage the environment as it is rolled out. Instant, self-service recovery is expected to free up even more of their time, as well as increase staff productivity across the enterprise by 50%.

A promising revenue stream for the company, HCL’s new AltaVault-powered BackupNXT is gaining momentum as it attracts the attention of existing and new customers interested in a solution that lowers cloud adoption barriers and risks, and paves the way to faster, easier, and less costly data protection.

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HCL Technologies Limited

HCL Technologies Limited is a global IT services company, headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Operating across a wide range of industry verticals in 31 countries, its services include IT consulting, enterprise transformation, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D, and business process outsourcing.

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