Global Eagle improves media production and processing performance.


Process video up to

6 times faster

Global Eagle Entertainment

Leading inflight entertainment and connectivity provider redesigns video production workflow

To provide customers with the latest, most compelling content, Global Eagle Entertainment (Global Eagle) is constantly editing video, creating edited versions of movies for airlines and cruise ships, compiling excerpts from TV shows, and adding foreign language dubbing and subtitles.

As the number and size of Global Eagle’s video files increased due to customer demand and higher resolutions, the company’s shared production storage became a performance bottleneck. Poor video playback—stuttering, dropped frames—caused by transcoders running on the same storage affected the video editors and in some cases even customer-facing demos. Delays of hours or even an entire day were affecting the business.

With the NetApp EF-Series flash array delivering extreme performance with submillisecond latency, transcoding during business hours no longer affects video editing or playback. All 17 editors can work while 20 transcoders run simultaneously, boosting productivity and employee morale.

“With the NetApp EF-Series flash array, we can export video in 15 minutes instead of 60 to 90 minutes, which means we can edit that much longer and still meet our deadlines for final deliverables to customers,” says Kapadia.

The NetApp solution also maximizes uptime, with full redundancy and automated failover. Because video editors can now concentrate on their jobs without interruption, the quality of their work has improved, as has Global Eagle’s ability to demonstrate that quality to customers.

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Global Eagle Entertainment

Global Eagle provides airlines and the travelers they serve with a complete offering of in-flight entertainment programming, Internet connectivity, and related content services. Its Orange County, California, video postproduction facility also serves Hollywood studios and distributors, advertising agencies, major corporations, government agencies, independent producers, and cruise lines.

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