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Galatz Radio

Preserving History for Future Generations

Galatz Radio digitized 90,000 hours of radio programming and made it more accessible and secure with NetApp ONTAP® Cloud for Azure. Resulting cost savings are helping the organization embark on a vision to make all of its programming available across the globe.

“We had over 90,000 hours of programming on tapes, and we use those programs every day,” explains Yitzhak Pasternak, vice president of technology for Galatz Radio.

In 2008, Galatz Radio embarked on a digital transformation to better serve existing listeners and reach new audiences. The transformation included digitizing its archives and moving them to a NetApp storage infrastructure. “It was a complete success, and today, everything on the stations is recorded digitally and stored on NetApp”, explains Pasternak.

The digitizing project also prepared the organization for migrating to the cloud. As the organization scoped the project, it realized that leveraging ONTAP Cloud for Azure for backup and recovery would simplify the project. “With ONTAP Cloud, we could use the ONTAP tools with which we were already familiar. When we turned on the storage efficiency features, we had a 30% reduction in storage needs,” says Pasternak.

Now that Galatz Radio has migrated to the cloud, it is easily able to access its archival materials at any time.

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Galatz Radio

In 1950, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) established Galatz Radio to communicate military messages and bolster morale with 3 to 4 hours of programming each day. In 1993, IDF expanded programming when it added Galgalatz Radio for music and current events. Today, more than 56% of the country listens to the two stations.

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