Reduce IT spend while delivering rapid access to agency data to protect the public from violent crime.


Deliver secure, fast access to law enforcement information.

Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Established a hybrid cloud environment to take advantage of public cloud compute and infrastructure without relinquishing control of its data.

With 7,500 employees in 280 offices across the United States, this federal law enforcement agency stores and uses terabytes of data annually, including sensitive law enforcement and evidentiary information. Many of the agency’s activities are carried out in conjunction with task forces made up of state and local law enforcement officers. In the event of an incident, law enforcement professionals from multiple organizations depend on rapid access to the agency’s data to protect the public from violent crime.

Working with NetApp and 1901 Group, the agency implemented a groundbreaking hybrid cloud solution that aligns with Cloud First, FedRAMP, and recent modernization mandates, while ensuring data control and governance. With NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPSaaS) from 1901 Group the agency stores its data in a dedicated, FedRAMP authorized private cloud. This gives the agency the data control it requires to meet strict compliance and chain of custody requirements, while providing access to leading cloud providers for compute.

In the event of a domestic terror incident that requires the agency to collect and share massive amounts of data, the agency can now quickly spin up public cloud compute resources necessary to accommodate the incoming system requests and increase the amount of storage on its private servers. That speed gives law enforcement officials timely access to the information they need to keep the public safe.

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1901 Group provides innovative IT solutions to public-sector and private-sector clients leveraging our In3SightTM managed service platform. The 1901 Group team transforms traditional IT services through the use of as-a-service offerings and consumption-based pricing models. They deliver secure, hybrid cloud services for enterprises with high-data-security, mission critical systems that benefit from our FedRAMP authorization, ISO9001 certification, CMMI DEV/3 and CMMI SVC/3 appraisals, Top Secret facility clearance, and excellent CPAR ratings.