Provide secure private storage environments that meet SLAs for a rapidly growing customer base.



Availability for Non-stop Operations


Boosts Customer Satisfaction and Competitive Edge with NetApp, VMware, and Cisco

The Faction platform offers Faction Cloud, purchased in “Bloc” increments, available for hybrid, private, and public cloud use. Backed by NetApp, VMware, and Cisco technology, these cloud offerings are supported by 11 cloud nodes across eight geographies.

Faction values the advanced functionality that NetApp storage technology brings to its VMware and Cisco environments. In fact, the synergy between the three vendors’ solutions has been instrumental in advancing Faction’s reputation as a leading cloud services provider.

With a single customer installation recently breaking the 2PB mark, a steady stream of new customers, and expansion to eight regions in just a few years’ time, Faction is experiencing tremendous growth on all levels. To better accommodate that growth and deliver even more power, agility, and savings to customers, Faction relies on NetApp FAS8000, FAS6000, and FAS3000 series storage systems running NetApp clustered Data ONTAP to provide fast, flexible, and reliable storage virtual machines (SVMs) for its cloud instances.

Supported by the latest NetApp, VMware, and Cisco technologies, Faction can instantly provision IaaS services to onboard new customers in days not months for faster time to value. Customers benefit from flexible, private environments that facilitate on-demand access to everything from higher IOPS to greater-capacity and rock-solid SLAs, as well as “pay as you go” fee models, all within Faction’s highly secure, easily managed cloud environments.

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Since 2006, value-added resellers, systems integrators, and managed service providers seeking a faster and less costly way to enter the cloud market have turned to Faction, an enterprise-class cloud services provider, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Well known as the service providers’ service provider, Faction’s “White Label” cloud services enable channel partners to serve tens of thousands of customers and grow their businesses under their own cloud brand.

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