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Data Comfort

Delivering Advanced Cloud Infrastructure Capabilities to Customers

Cloud service provider Data Comfort needed help capitalizing on new market opportunities by implementing an advanced cloud infrastructure. With new service offerings, the Dutch company gives customers the performance, choice, and control that they need for their businesses. NetApp® solutions also enable Data Comfort to better manage its own internal data growth and costs.

In the cloud business, it’s not enough to just be connected. Customers demand new applications and business improvements every day. Reliability, speed, and scalability are top-of-mind challenges. Data Comfort’s customers are no different. “Our customers are asking us whether we can guarantee uptime and whether we can guarantee immediate access to their data,” says Harry Mauritz, chief technology officer at Data Comfort.

As Data Comfort strove to meet customer expectations and map future offerings, it simultaneously grappled with the demands of internal data growth. “We consistently see 30% data growth each month,” says Mauritz. “It was staggering to manage the growth alone, but we also have to provide reliable, fast data access. If we don’t, customers will find a new provider. Evolving our data infrastructure was mission critical.”

Data Comfort evaluated its options and brought in NetApp’s go-to-market consultancy team for service providers. Together, they designed an advanced cloud infrastructure that is fueled by NetApp SolidFire® technology. They also developed a plan for monetizing that infrastructure. “We wanted to parlay the investment into services,” explains Mauritz. “With NetApp, we can tier the data and guarantee performance at an IOPS level per volume. That’s completely new, and it gives our customers the control and the choice that they want for their business workloads.”

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Data Comfort

Dutch company Data Comfort gives customers the performance, choice, and control they need for their businesses via an advanced cloud infrastructure.

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