Support business goal of growing awareness and quadrupling donations by 2022 to increase critical funding to children’s hospitals.


$1 billion a year

Fundraising goal by 2022

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Non-profit charitable funding arm for 170 children’s hospitals across North America supports goal to quadruple fundraising by 2022.

Member Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals use the money where it is most needed -- funding medical equipment purchases, research, charitable care, and community awareness of children’s health issues. Across North America, those needs are quickly increasing.

To meet this challenge, CMN Hospitals set a goal to quadruple its annual fundraising efforts and reach $1 billion a year by 2022. To do so, it needed a solid foundation for information technology and services that would allow it to expand well into the future and deploy applications quickly

CMN Hospitals consolidated its server environment with a private cloud solution based on FlexPod and VMware vSphere. With FlexPod in place, CMN Hospitals expects to meet its business goal of growing awareness and quadrupling fundraising by 2022. If the business exceeds that goal, IT will be ready.

CMN Hospitals has already improved its capability to raise needed dollars by improving performance for business-critical applications such as SharePoint, allowing users to quickly access the data they need.

Moving to FlexPod has also improved performance and uptime for websites and web-based applications crucial to fundraising efforts, maximizing the potential for donations. More money means more resources to care for sick children, and Ward and his team take great pride in supporting the efforts of fundraisers out in the field.

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Children's Miracle

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) is a non-profit charitable funding arm for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. Every minute, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment. CMN Hospitals treat 1 in 10 children in North America each year and provide comfort, treatment, and hope to millions of sick youth, whether they suffer from common childhood afflictions such as asthma and broken bones or fight bigger challenges such as birth defects or cancer.

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