Offer ways for customers to manage and control their own data in a public cloud through a simple web portal.



Reduction in client storage costs


ASE offers customers ways to manage data via a simple straightfoward web portal

ASE operates a data center network spanning the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, supporting over 200 companies ranging from small to medium enterprises to some of the world’s largest corporate organizations.

With the cloud services sector heating up, ASE wanted to do more than simply compete on price. They implemented NetApp Private Storage (NPS) as a Service to offer customers flexibility as to where their data was stored, with easy portability to another cloud service. Customers are also able to enjoy a full-featured cloud platform with simple billing, management and control via ASE’s web portal, Cloud Track.

A second service offering ASE developed with NetApp was an always-on “mesh” storage solution. Based on NetApp’s StorageGRID Webscale, this solution enables ASE to offer object-based storage at an efficient cost per gigabyte to their customers. StorageGRID-as-a-Service is ideal for ASE’s media & entertainment customers, who need rapid access to petabytes of data in a content repository from anywhere in the world.

ASE's customers who have moved from file-based storage to StorageGRID Webscale have saved up to 75% on storage costs. Media & entertainment take-up is also impressive, with as much as 15% of Australian media content now being managed through the service.

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ASE is one of Australia’s Top 10 Most Trusted Cloud Providers, offering a wide variety of premium-grade public, private and hybrid cloud services to small, medium and multinational companies.