Apache Corporation geoscientists around the world quickly access and analyze growing volumes of seismic data.



annual data growth with no additional headcount


Fueling oil and gas exploration with over 18PB of data.

With ever-growing global demand for energy and intense industry competition, Apache Corporation, one of the world’s leading independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, can’t afford to rest. From its offices in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Apache is constantly searching for new potential oil and gas discovery sites.

In a never-ending race to secure the rights to productive drilling sites before its competition, Apache depends on quick access to large volumes of seismic and interpretation data to gain insight into ideal drilling locations. “Oil and gas exploration is one of the most difficult challenges that we face today,” explains Bradley Lauritsen, director of Exploration Applications at Apache Corporation. “Resources are getting harder to find, so we have to continually use new technologies to explore and produce oil and gas in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This poses a big challenge to the way that we do business.” Today, every decision that Apache makes—from potential drill sites to what resources to pursue—is driven by data. The Schlumberger Petrel 2011 software aggregates oil reservoir data and supports the entire “seismic-to-simulation” workflow from a single application. “New seismic technologies demand exponentially more data,” says Lauritsen. “They give us a whole new look at the subsurface of the earth, but they require a lot more storage and performance from our workstations and our storage environment.”

When Apache first implemented the Schlumberger Petrel software, data volumes shot up 700%. Downtime and data loss were constant challenges. High latency and poor performance meant geoscientists were storing data locally and spending hours waiting for data to load: time they could have been developing prospects and improving models. “We are constantly trying to give our scientists solutions that perform better so they can speed the time to discovery. That’s the bottom line. It’s our competitive advantage, and it’s how we stay in business,” says Lauritsen. “We chose NetApp after evaluating many different solutions,” adds Ivan Ganev, senior assistant staff analyst of Apache’s Geocomputing Group. “NetApp is the only solution that provides the speed and the scalability that we need at an affordable cost.”

Today, Apache uses NetApp storage to efficiently manage its big data requirements with near-instant access to 18PB of data worldwide. Models that once took 20 minutes to load into the Petrel application now take less than 5 minutes, and data is delivered in seconds, rather than minutes.“We have benefited greatly from NetApp’s partnerships and integration with Intel and Microsoft,” says Lauritsen. “Data flows faster and more reliably to our end users.”

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Apache Corporation

One of the world’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, Apache Corporation (Apache) is growing quickly, and its data is growing even more quickly. With operations in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the company is continually seeking new drilling opportunities and strives to extract oil and gas resources in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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