Green IT refers to NetApp storage efficiency and how our solutions enable customers to go further, faster, and greener.

Exponential data growth leads to greater storage needs. The traditional approach of adding more disks and storage systems satisfies demand, but also increases power, cooling, and space requirements.

NetApp helps tame power consumption with a simple equation: Subtract machines and disks, thereby reducing support, space, people, and service costs. Our 8-point strategy for fighting storage power consumption uses technology to tackle power consumption and growth at is source by incorporating the 10 NetApp Techniques for improving data center power efficiency.

Beyond consolidating data onto fewer systems with high-capacity hard disk drives, NetApp also applies proprietary FlexVol®, FlexClone®, Snapshot™, and deduplication technologies to boost storage utilization. Thanks to NetApp storage efficiency technologies, our FAS and E-Series data storage systems have earned ENERGY STAR certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their proven energy efficiency. We’ve even got our own NetApp IT Success Story based on the deployment of our energy-efficient products.

In addition to power consumption, green IT also encompasses product design, manufacture, use, and disposal that’s consistent with our Supplier Responsibility Program and environmental certifications. With a system recycling rate above 99%, we have diverted millions of pounds of expired equipment from landfills.