ENERGY STAR Certification: E-Series

    NetApp E-Series data storage systems have earned ENERGY STAR certification for high performance and efficiency.

    NetApp® E-Series systems are deployed across the globe to tackle the most demanding workloads. They are designed to meet extreme performance challenges while delivering performance efficiency by maximizing each storage component.

    ES_logo.pngThe result: very fast, dense, and efficient systems that deliver high performance (GB/s or IOPS) per watt consumed or BTU (heat) generated, which leads to savings of both production and ongoing operating resources.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR program for data center storage applies to configurations that fall within ranges based on:

    • Number of spindles
    • System redundancy
    • Storage protection
    • Nondisruptive serviceability

    NetApp has certified a range of E2700, E5500, and E5600 configurations to meet the core ENERGY STAR requirements. The following configurations are ENERGY STAR certified:

    E2712, E5512, and E5612: up to 24 HDD drives w/DE1600 shelf
    E2724, E5524, and E5624: up to 48 HDD drives w/DE5600 shelf

    E2760, E5560, and E5660: up to 120 HDD drives w/DE6600 shelf

    All ENERGY STAR certified systems are dual power/cooling/controllers, FDE or non-FDE drives of any capacity, with any host interface option. 

    Find out more information about the ENERGY STAR certified E2700E5500, and E5600 data storage systems.