Executive Briefing Center FAQ

    What should I expect from a NetApp® Executive Briefing Center meeting?
    An executive briefing is a collaboration with our subject-matter experts and executives. Ask questions and tell us about your specific business challenges and opportunities. We’ll show you how to make a difference with data, providing your organization with the flexibility to move with speed, security, and confidence toward your most important business goals.

    An Executive Briefing Center (EBC) meeting helps you make educated, informed decisions on how to improve your business operations and processes. In each personalized session you will meet our executive and technical teams to discuss NetApp data management and data storage solutions. You’ll gain a rich understanding of our hardware, software, and services offerings, as well as how we work with our alliance partners to help you craft the ultimate business solution.

    Why should I invest in an executive briefing at NetApp?
    Attending a NetApp executive briefing will minimize the time it takes your organization to make informed decisions and plan for the future. It’s also the best way to learn about NetApp technology and products, as well as industry trends such as flash storage, hybrid cloud, and other data center IT technologies. Your customized briefing is dedicated to your success, to help you achieve what matters most now—and inspiring tomorrow’s possibilities.

    Who should attend an executive briefing?
    NetApp briefings are designed for your executives as well as your IT technical professionals. All briefings are customized to your business and strategic needs.

    Are briefings just for current NetApp customers?
    Not at all. As technology continues to transform at astounding rates, it’s critical that we work collaboratively with our existing customers, partners, and future clients to understand how our technology and innovations can make a difference with your ability to manage data.

    How do I make the best use of an executive briefing?
    Collaborate with your account team and partners ahead of time, and let them know your business objectives. We will work to best align our resources to give you the optimal value. Come prepared with your questions, and be ready for a lively discussion with our subject-matter experts and executives.

    Where can we attend a briefing?
    We have three NetApp EBC locations: our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California; our facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; and our European headquarters in Amsterdam. In addition, a few times a year we take our Executive Briefing Center experience on the road.

    How do I get started?
    Contact your NetApp account team or request an executive briefing to start planning your Executive Briefing Center visit. We look forward to hosting you at one of our locations soon.