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NetApp Podcast Returns—with More Tech, More Information, and a New Voice
Pete Flecha Glenn Sizemore Andrew Sullivan
Pete Flecha
Technical Marketing
Glenn Sizemore
Technical Marketing
Andrew Sullivan
Technical Marketing

After a hiatus of almost two months, the podcast formerly known as NetApp Communities Podcast is back. We have a new name—Tech ONTAP Podcast—but we're still delivering the goods on all things NetApp once a week. We also have a new location and a new co-host: Please welcome Andrew Sullivan to the Podcast.

Not Just for Geeks

Make no mistake, we're geeks first and podcast hosts only by luck. The amount of expertise at our fingertips—across the extended NetApp brain trust—is staggering, and we want to share it with our listeners. We don't pretend to be experts in every field, but we have access to the brilliant NetApp gurus and partners who are. This means we get to pose tough questions to intelligent people and, hopefully, add insight to the storage topics you're most interested in.

We're here to inform NetApp employees who want to learn more about specific technologies; we're talking to resellers looking for ammunition on various subjects relevant to their own activities; and we're addressing NetApp customers who want to gain a better understanding of NetApp technology and how it affects them.

Figure 1) With a new name, a new location, even a new look, Tech ONTAP Podcast is back.

Source: NetApp, 2015

Tying In with the Tech OnTap Newsletter

You may have noticed our new name—Tech ONTAP Podcast—is closely aligned with the title of this newsletter. We are happy to share the Tech OnTap newsletter's mission: essentially, to geek out on NetApp technology. The Podcast and newsletter work together to deliver NetApp-centric news, deep dives, and information using your favorite mediums.

This newsletter is a great place to check in every couple of weeks, dive deep on a handful of topics, and stay up to date with what NetApp is doing. But we recognize that different people learn differently: Some read. Some prefer watching educational videos. And some listen. Podcasts are perfect for listener types who have a little space in their day—during a commute, while their nails are drying, mowing the lawn, or winding down after work.

Anywhere, anytime you can listen to audio, we're here for you.

Meet the Usual Suspects

We three, the regular hosts of the Podcast, come from diverse backgrounds and hold even more diverse opinions.

Figure 2) (From left to right) Tech ONTAP Podcast hosts: Glenn Sizemore, Pete Flecha, and Andrew Sullivan.

Source: NetApp, 2015

Pete “Pedro Arrow” Flecha has been in IT for 20 years, starting out in the application stack and eventually migrating down to infrastructure, specifically virtualization. Pedro has spent the last five years at NetApp on the VMware team focusing on business continuity and disaster recovery. His role on the podcast is to navigate the conversation while learning from our awesome expert guests.

Glenn Sizemore has held just about every kind of IT position imaginable over the last 15 years. He is passionate about automation, PowerShell in particular. For the last two years, he has worked on the FlexPod team as a reference architect, building prevalidated solutions for NetApp customers who use the Microsoft technology stack. Glenn is the voice of Microsoft for the Podcast, and brings an element of reason to our conversations with his broad range of experience and insatiable thirst for knowledge. Occasionally, he's even good for a laugh.

Andrew Sullivan has worked in the IT industry for nearly 15 years, and brings a rich history of database development, DevOps experience, and virtualization to the Podcast. Since joining NetApp two years ago, Andrew has spearheaded the NetApp Integrated VMware EVO:RAIL solution, and developed countless scripts and plug-ins for use with the vSphere ecosystem. These days, Andrew focuses on storage and virtualization automation, driving simplicity into everyday workflows and containers in the modern data center.

Collectively, we bring to the Tech ONTAP Podcast 50 years of experience, distinct perspectives, and a little bit of dysfunction as we converse with our guests each week.

Serious Fun

Conversations about technology tend to be detail-oriented and, well, technical. But that doesn't mean they have to be dry and boring. We like to keep ourselves entertained as we inform the subject at hand. We're in the happy position of loving what we do, and because of that, we have a good time with it.

You can find us on, or on iTunes via the NetApp Community. Or, reach out to us using Twitter: @vPedroArrow, @glnsize, and @andrew_ntap.

And if you're planning to attend NetApp Insight 2015 in Las Vegas, October 12–15, be sure to catch up with us. All three of us will also be at Insight Berlin, November 16–19; look for our sessions on a variety of topics—from FlexPod to virtualization to containers.

We're excited to be back online. And we look forward to reconnecting with everyone who knew us in our old NetApp Communities Podcast incarnation—as well as hearing from new listeners. If you have topics to suggest, want to ask a question, or just need to voice your opinion, please reach out to us via email, Twitter (@NetApp, or our individual accounts), or the NetApp Community.

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September 2015

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