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Inspire Innovation in the Cloud with NetApp and Microsoft.

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What can you do better with
Azure NetApp Files?

File Services

Migrate your file-based applications to the cloud: Achieve the precise performance, scale, and security each application demands.

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Move analytics to the cloud to make data-driven decisions faster.

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Store databases in high-performance file services in the cloud, with ability to revert to previous states and create rapid clones for dev/test.

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Automate development and test environments with the ability to clone hundreds of environments in minutes.

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With NetApp and Microsoft, you can…


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Azure NetApp Files

Deliver extreme performance and capabilities to your cloud applications—and fire up innovation.

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Minimize your cloud storage footprint with the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for Azure Storage service. Starting from $0.75/hour.

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SaaS Backup

Leverage simple, automated backup and restore for your Microsoft Office 365 data.

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