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Help your organization thrive with award-winning support.

To maximize your IT investment, you need best-in-class products, seamless operations, and unmatched support. Don’t let your NetApp support expire.

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Issues predicted and remediated proactively


Fewer Priority 1 severity issues


Faster resolution of support problems

Three reasons your support contract helps you get the most from your NetApp products.

  • 1

    Reduce your risk and protect critical corporate data.

    Up to 80% of attacks exploit areas where available updates could have prevented the attack. Renew today to reduce disruption risk, maintain your business continuity and avoid downtime cost.

  • 2

    Focus on the most important business priorities – not managing tickets.

    With industry-leading predictive analytics from Active IQ, nearly every issue with your system will be proactively addressed before you even know about it.

  • 3

    Be certain you’re running the most up-to-date software and firmware.

    Meet software compliance requirements, increase business agility, and react to market changes more quickly with the latest software and firmware updates.

The benefits you can’t afford to lose.

Get a better return on data center investments.

  • Keep your organization running smoothly
  • Maximize your IT investments
  • Access to award-winning NetApp innovations

Enjoy value-added extra benefits.

  • Access to Elio, the AI-enabled support assistant who gets smarter every day
  • Proactive security updates
  • Global Priority 24/7/365 support
  • Mobile app access
  • Hardware parts replacement

Best-in-class product and support resources mean satisfied customers

Sean Henry, Sr. Manager, American Showa

“We‘ve been able to improve the performance of the applications and... provide better management of the overall infrastructure. I would say that makes management very relieved.”

Sean Henry, Sr. Manager, American Showa
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Did you know?

NetApp continues to advance the capabilities you’ll get from your investment. Your support renewal will ensure uninterrupted access to the latest innovations from NetApp.

What’s New in ONTAP 9.6

Securing Your Data with NetApp Volume Encryption

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