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5 Ways NetApp Redefines HCI

NetApp HCI brings the simplicity, speed, and flexibility of the public cloud to your private and hybrid clouds for a better user experience. It gives you capabilities at scale that you won’t get from traditional hyper converged infrastructure.


Dynamically Scale on Demand

Avoid costly and inefficient overprovisioning.

Scale compute and storage independently, simplifying capacity and performance planning, and reducing your hypervisor tax.


Consolidate Workloads

Break down silos and maximize your investment.

Run thousands of workloads, including your enterprise applications, EUC/VDI, and more on a single platform with guaranteed performance.


Free Your Data

Move your data from the edge to the core to the cloud with ONTAP.

Integration into your Data Fabric means that you can unleash the full potential of your applications, with the data services they require, across any cloud.


Centralize & Streamline Management

Increase IT Staff productivity and improve business agility.

Eliminate upgrade hassles, make less mistakes and free up time by simplifying and automating deployment and ongoing management.


Choose Your Own Integrations

Get an agile foundation for your private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Whether you want to build a full private cloud infrastructure with VMware or OpenStack, or manage container orchestration with OpenShift or Anthos, NetApp provides the greatest flexibility and simplicity to use the tools of your choice.

Are You Ready for Hybrid Cloud?

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