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Unlock the potential of AI in healthcare

ONTAP + AI are breaking down data silos to generate deeper insights. See how cloud-based AI is transforming diagnostics and personalizing patient care.

AI in Healthcare

Make your organization AI ready

Around the world, healthcare organizations are using artificial intelligence (AI) to push innovation to the limit. See how you can get started.

Fuel AI across your institution

Fuel AI across your institution

Unlock the potential of AI for a growing range of healthcare use cases. Where can it benefit your organization?

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See what the experts are saying

Check in with NetApp AI specialists to hear what they're seeing in healthcare, and where AI fits best.

Hackers don’t rest. We don’t either.

Predictive analytics are protecting patient data

See how Mt. San Rafael Hospital is leveraging NetApp to stop security breaches, and improve patient care.

Learn More with FlexPod Datacenter for AI

Accelerate AI/ML initiatives

FlexPod demystifies deployment in environments where data gravity, security and regulatory requirements dictate on-prem model training.


Two steps to AI readiness

Learn how data access and usability are the foundation of AI readiness. And why infrastructure matters.

AI in Healthcare

Implement Smart Infrastructure Choices to Increase Success

This white paper examines three important areas in which AI will play a significant role: medical imaging, digital pathology, and genomics.


Start small, scale without limits

NetApp ONTAP AI helps you get going faster to speed innovation and experimentation.

TechONTAP Podcast

Accelerate genomic insights

Explore the impact genetic analytics is having on science and healthcare, and how NetApp accelerates insights.

How AI and Deep Learning Are Improving Healthcare

Three ways AI is transforming the future of healthcare

See how AI is accelerating discoveries, improving care and disrupting the industry as we know it.

Give your data scientists what they really want

Give your data scientists what they really want

Hint: It’s not more data, or even better data. Find out what data scientists really want, and how you can deliver.

NetApp ONTAP AI and Parabricks for Genome Sequencing Workflows

Speed analysis by 30x

Parabricks high-performance computing is tailored for whole genome sequencing and gives you the power to process and store the data you need.

Solutions for Healthcare AI and Analytics

Gain new insight from your structured and unstructured data. Accelerate analysis from disparate sources including clinical applications, IoT, genomics, insurance claims engines, and research databases. Leverage AI and machine learning to better identify, risk-stratify, and treat complex medical conditions.