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Unlock the potential of AI in the automotive industry

Simplify, accelerate, and protect your AI pipeline

Master your data pipeline. Control your autonomous driving future.

NetApp has data fabric solutions to put you on the fast lane to AI success in automotive.

AI in Automotive

Reinventing the automotive industry

From autonomous vehicles to mobility services and smart manufacturing, success in AI depends on one thing: your data.

NetApp AI Solutions for Automotive

Automotive technology moving faster than cars

To remain competitive, car companies must transform to deliver faster innovation while maximizing efficiency and value.

Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry

An inside look into how automotive companies are applying the latest in data engineering and data science technologies.

NetApp ONTAP AI for Autonomous Driving Workloads

A deep dive into AI for autonomous driving workloads

Learn how NetApp and NVIDIA have partnered to create an AI reference architecture that provides a turnkey solution for supporting AI and DL workloads.

Learn More with FlexPod Datacenter for AI

Accelerate AI/ML initiatives

FlexPod demystifies deployment in environments where data gravity, security and regulatory requirements dictate on-prem model training.

AI in automotive

How to build a data pipeline for autonomous driving

Today's test cars generate more than 2PB of data daily per car. In this blog, learn how to use data engineering and data science technologies to solve autonomous driving challenges.

Accelerate Your Journey to AI with NetApp and ePlus

Create a roadmap to AI success

Put a simple plan in place for getting started. We'll give you everything you need to know.


Start small, scale without limits

NetApp ONTAP AI helps you get going faster to speed innovation and experimentation.

Learn four approaches to autonomous vehicle program design

Several companies are designing autonomous vehicle programs, but there are pros and cons to different approaches.

Driving Transformation in Automotive with AI and Deep Learning

Learn how to drive transformation in automotive with AI and Deep Learning

AI is transforming the automotive industry — streamlining manufacturing, driving innovative mobility services, and enabling ground-breaking advancements in autonomous vehicles.

Cambridge Consultants uses AI for world-changing innovation

Cambridge Consultants uses AI for world-changing innovation

Experts around the world are teaching machines to teach themselves. Cambridge Consultants is at the nexus of this effort, enabling life-changing innovation through AI.

NetApp ONTAP AI and

The impacts of deep learning on automotive data

Due to the massive amounts of data streaming from autonomous cars, manufacturing processes or supply chains, leading automotive companies are relying on deep learning.

Solutions for AI in Automotive

Today's automotive leaders are investing heavily in data-driven software applications to advance the most important innovations in autonomous and connected vehicles, mobility, and manufacturing. NetApp offers a future-proof platform for your AI journey from analytics and HPC to autonomous decisions. That means you can optimize your IT investments, pay only for what you need when you need it, and enable a single, unified experience across hybrid, multicloud environments.