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Active IQ Unified Manager documentation resources

Unified Manager Release Notes

Unified Manager Overview (video)

Unified Manager Best Practices Guide | TR-4621

Get started

Quick Start for VMware vSphere

Quick Start for Linux

Quick Start for Windows

Install and Upgrade for VMware vSphere

Install and Upgrade for Linux

Install and Upgrade for Microsoft Windows

Configure Unified Manager

Manage ONTAP systems using Unified Manager

Monitor and Manage Storage

Manage Events and Alerts

Manage Cluster Health

Manage Cluster Performance

Monitor Data Protection

Use Reports


Security Hardening for Active IQ Unified Manager | TR-4943

Optimizing Events and Alerts to Reduce Operational Clutter (video)

Simplified Operational Reporting with Active IQ Unified Manager (video)

Provision Workloads Directly from Unified Manager (video)

Analyze Workload Capacity and Performance using Unified Manager (video)

Analyze Virtual Machine Performance using Unified Manager (video)

Monitor your Storage System Security Compliance with Unified Manager (video)

Learn how Active IQ has been Integrated with Unified Manager to Identify Issues (video)

Reference documentation

Unified Manager Database Schema

Unified Manager Management Information Base (MIB)

Unified Manager REST API Online Reference

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Unified Manager product page

Unified Manager product videos

Unified Manager blogs and podcasts

Additional resources

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NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool

NetApp Hardware Universe

NetApp Knowledge Base

NetApp Product Documentation

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