NetApp Keystone Flex Pay

Payment options including creative financing, leasing, and fixed or variable solutions to fit your cash flow.

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Why Flex Pay

There’s no one-size-fits-all for data storage, and the same is true when it comes to paying for it. NetApp Keystone Flex Pay is the ultimate in financial flexibility. Choose a traditional rental model, leasing, or a deferred payment plan to fit your cash flow and financing needs.

Need cash?

In today's economic uncertainty, you may be thinking about moving your storage budget to a flexible payment solution to save on upfront cash. With Flex Pay, you have choices.

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Reduce upfront cash

Avoid the traditional capex-centric purchase and find a payment plan to match your cash flow needs.

Increase financial flexibility

Finance any NetApp hardware, software, or services on your terms.

Pay as you grow

Get the technology you need today—and defer payments in line with future growth.

Predictable payments

Build a predictable monthly payment plan for your storage infrastructure that meets your business needs.

Typical use cases

Choosing which flexible consumption model is right for you is easy. For Flex Pay, you're primarily looking for financial flexibility.

Rental payment model

Wants to own or lease storage assets, paying over time

Predictable capacity growth

Can predict workload capacity growth and wants to buy based on raw capacity

Well-run data center

Has a well-managed infrastructure with high asset utilization

Strict security requirements

Have stringent security requirements that dictate no external monitoring and billing software 

Get Started

Getting started with Flex Pay is simple. We will start with understanding your storage needs today and in the future, design a payment plan that meets your financial needs, and install and go.

Assess requirements

NetApp has specialists standing by to help you identify your current and future storage needs. We will then match the investments to your cash flow and budgetary requirements.

Design financing

NetApp Capital Solutions will work with your finance and procurement teams to develop a customized payment plan that fits your budget, preserves cash, and supports growth.

Install and go

Our work at NetApp is not complete until we work with you or a certified partner to launch your data storage solution in your hybrid cloud environment at the initial payment rate.

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Find a partner

Different partner purchasing options include:

Contact us

No matter what solutions, products, or services you’re interested in, we’d love to talk. 

NetApp Keystone

NetApp Keystone provides a portfolio of flexible payment solutions and cloud storage services that minimize upfront cash.