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NetApp Advance

: Best-in-class ownership experience for hybrid cloud

Future-proof your on-premises storage investment with simplified programs and guarantees that expand your capacity and lower your costs as your business demands evolve. With NetApp® Advance, you'll get more flexibility out of your NetApp AFF, FAS, and ASA solutions—improve your ROI and reduce your TCO, today and in the future. Now, investing in NetApp makes more sense than ever.

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Say bye-bye to disruptive updates

Make storage refreshes, refreshing!

Dedicated block storage ready for the modern world

Meet the new NetApp ASA, an all-Flash SAN storage array that delivers industry-leading availability, superior performance, and simplified data management across your hybrid cloud.

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Storage Lifecycle Program with Cloud Advantage

You need to keep pace with innovation. Obviously. But expensive, disruptive, time-consuming, and (let’s face it) risky technology upgrade cycles can stand between you and innovation. Eliminate painful and costly storage refreshes by buying storage once and refreshing at any time—without disruption. The result? Your storage continually improves to meet the evolving needs of your business. And it does all this with superior agility, performance, and cloud scalability. 

Streamline refresh cycles

Buy once and enjoy non-disruptive refreshes every 3 years, at no additional cost. Upgrade to a new controller anytime for increased capacity and performance as needs arise.

Increase capacity before a refresh

Trade in previously purchased media for a 100% capacity credit.

Keep systems running at peak performance

Premium support services with AI-powered analytics provide predictive and proactive monitoring and insight as well as on-site support and troubleshooting.

See beyond the storage layer

AI-driven NetApp Cloud Insights enables full-stack hybrid cloud visibility beyond the storage layer. Quickly pinpoint issues without additional tools or licenses.

Stay on top of software updates

Managed software updates and patches will let you enjoy the latest NetApp ONTAP® capabilities and advancements as soon as they become available.

Flexibly scale to the cloud if and when you’re ready

With NetApp Cloud Advantage, you purchase only the on-premises storage you need today, shifting your investment to the cloud in the future. Use trade-in controller credits toward cloud storage or NetApp Keystone® STaaS.

Feel confident in your hybrid cloud—guaranteed!

Enhance your hybrid cloud storage ownership experience with the assurance that your systems are secure, available, efficient, and sustainable.

Storage efficiency guarantee

The most effective guarantee in the industry. More storage, value, and efficiency plus minimal energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions—or we’ll make it right. (Applies to AFF systems, including the new C-Series).

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Ransomware recovery guarantee

Greater peace of mind guaranteed. If we can’t recover your data in the event of a ransomware attack, we’ll make it right.

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Six-nines data availability guarantee

The storage that runs your business won’t stop running—so you have access to your data whenever you need it. No extra costs, no surprises.

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Media replacement assurance

Never worry about flash media wear—it isn’t a factor. With our stellar support, you’re covered.

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Predictable support pricing

No budget surprises with flat-rate, predictable support pricing across the lifecycle of your ASA, AFF, or FAS systems.

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Ready to get started?

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment.

Only NetApp supports your choice of clouds

What do AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have in common? They all trust NetApp to deliver outstanding performance and security.

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