NetApp Advance

: Storage today, more advanced cloud flexibility tomorrow

Put your storage on the right path. Future-proof your on-prem storage investment with our simplified programs and guarantees. With NetApp Advance, you can easily elevate your high-capacity, lower cost on-premises systems. As your business demands evolve, you can rely on greater flexibility, improved ROI and reduced TOC. Now, investing in NetApp makes more sense than ever.

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Storage Lifecycle Program

Storage refreshes should be... you know... refreshing

You need to keep pace with innovation. Obviously. But you don’t want expensive, disruptive, time-consuming, and (let’s face it) risky technology upgrade cycles. So what’s the solution? Buy once refresh storage at anytime – with minimal disruption. This way, storage becomes a tool that continually improves to meet the evolving needs of your business. The result? Superior agility, performance, and security.

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Free controller updates and upgrades

Streamline refresh cycles. Buy once and enjoy non-disruptive refreshes of your AFF and FAS storage controllers every 3 years at no additional cost or upgrade to a new controller anytime for increased capacity and performance as needs arise.

Premier Support Services with AI-powered analytics

Keep systems running at peak performance with predictive and proactive monitoring and insight; on-site support and troubleshooting; and – with AI-driven Cloud Insights - full-stack visibility beyond the storage layer.

Capacity Refresh

Increase capacity before an upgrade by trading in previously purchased media for a 100% capacity credit.

Managed software upgrades and patches

Stay on top of new software updates and enjoy all the new ONTAP capabilities and advancements as they become available.

 Cloud Advantage

Built into the Storage Lifecycle Program, Cloud Advantage enables you to swap some or all of your on-premises controller refresh for cloud services.

Leverage the cloud to meet business needs overtime

Gain the flexibility to purchase the on-premises storage you need today and shift your investment towards the cloud in the future.

Easily scale out to the cloud if or when you’re ready

Use on-premises controller trade-in credits toward cloud storage options or Keystone STaaS.

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Storage Efficiency Guarantee

The most effective guarantee in the industry. Period. 

  • A risk-free approach to more storage, more value, and more efficiency 
  • Get high performance while minimizing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • If we don’t meet your workload efficiency goals, we’ll make it right - at no cost to you. 
  • Applies to AFF systems, including the new C-Series 
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Ready to get started?

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment.

Only NetApp supports your choice of clouds

What do AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have in common? They all trust NetApp to deliver outstanding performance and security.

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Since 2012, NetApp and AWS have worked together to build solutions, reduce storage costs, and innovate faster in the cloud. Have it all: the scale of AWS and the flexibility of NetApp hybrid solutions.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and NetApp have partnered to create solutions that dramatically improve data storage for our customers. That’s exactly why we put our heads together to co-engineer Azure NetApp Files.

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Google Cloud

Together, NetApp and Google Cloud have co-developed solutions to dramatically reduce cloud storage spending. With our joint solutions, customers can run apps in Google Cloud without rearchitecting—and still optimize operations for scalability and speed.

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