Bringing together the best of cloud and data

You like cloud for its promise to scale, adapt, and accelerate. We help clouds keep their promises. Announcing a new-and-improved, software-driven portfolio that combines the best of cloud and data, then optimizes it for any environment. With this announcement, we are redefining how companies manage data, storage, and infrastructure in more powerful, cost-effective ways.

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More cloud. Less cost.

In the cloud, you want performance without compromise – at the lowest cost. You want proven enterprise data services built in. You’re pretty demanding. We get it. That’s why we give you the first serverless and storageless solution for cloud-native apps. Elastic scale and huge savings for your virtual workplace. And automated data protection, management and portability for your hybrid environment. Visibility and control? Yes, all in one place. You innovate, we applaud. Everyone wins.

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Autonomous cloud storage

We think your cloud can do more. So we've created a new management platform that lets you control, monitor and automate data – anywhere. Along the way, you save up to 90% on compute and storage. You're welcome.

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Serverless meets storageless

There are containers and then there are those running with self managing, container-aware storage. Guess which one is better. Optimize both compute and storage for the highest performance and lowest cost.

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Elastic scale, modern work

Deploy, manage and optimize virtual desktops with ease through a SaaS-delivered global control plane. And cut cloud desktop infrastructure costs up to 50%. That's not virtual costs; that's real money.

A cloud-enabled data center

If your enterprise apps and data live on-prem, then it’s time to bring the best of cloud into your data center. It’s time for better efficiency combined with strong data security and protection. It’s time for a simple way to extend to any cloud any time you’re ready.

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Enterprise apps made better

Now you can bring the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud to the data center. We help protect your data wherever it resides while at the same time reducing costs, boosting performance and simplifying your operations.

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One experience…anywhere

If you want to run workloads on-prem, in the cloud or somewhere in between, we have you covered. You can easily extend workloads and data management, like data protection or DR, to any cloud.

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A data center that’s a cloud

As business conditions change, you need a cloud model that adapts with you. The best approach to managing, migrating and storing data is to consume cloud on your terms. We can help make that happen.

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NetApp Keystone

Get a cloud-like experience in your data center with NetApp Keystone, an on-prem storage subscription service that now integrates with public cloud. Free up cash flow and increase financial flexibility.

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NetApp allowed us to not worry about where we’re putting our data because their solutions help us bring that data together regardless of the underlying service provider. And that means I’m able to move much quicker to create the products and experiences that our customers expect.

Ramin Beheshti, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Dow Jones Group

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