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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina discusses business continuity.

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From the office to home and back

Supporting an elastic workforce requires virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions that can scale the number of users up and down as business conditions dictate, now and in the future. You need to understand the trade-offs between on-premises and cloud solutions.

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Customer case studies

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Protecting invaluable data and preparing for the future

The Denver Broncos were facing growing data demands to enable support of the professional football team's digital playbooks and collaboration space. The found security in NetApp® continuity and recovery solutions, which enabled data scalling and streamlined maintenance that wouldn't interrupt important daily operations.

Creating a mobile employee workforce

The City of Fremantle is navigating significant change physically and culturally. The physical work environment of the City's main office is schedule to be demolished and a new office building constructerd in its place.

When the new building opens, mobility will continue to be a core concern: Staff members will work with their chosen devices in various work areas. In addition, 20% of staff member are expected to be on the road all the time, so getting the right foundation in place for a mobile workforce is a critical success factor.

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Cloud based VDI solutions

Support remote workers with cloud-based VDI solutions. Bolster your on-premises capabilities with scalable infrastructure solutions.

FlexPod VDI

FlexPod® VDI includes all the hardware components you need to deliver virtual desktops and applications to your remote workforce. Simple and secure, these solutions let you start small to support select locations or applications and then scale to support your entire organization—locally or around the world.

NetApp HCI

NetApp HCI supports more complicated remote work environments, including those that require remote access to high-performance computing environments and 3D applications like computer-aided design (CAD). You can mix, match, and scale storage and compute resources to meet the needs of your workforce. You can also run virtual desktops, 3D applications, and other workloads side by side with guaranteed performance.

VDI in the Cloud

NetApp Virtual Desktop Service takes just hours to deploy and lets you handle virtual desktops backed by best-in-class cloud storage and data management. Run your VDI environment on your choice of infrastructure, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Citrix, or VMware. Or simplify everything with a fully managed VDI service for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

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Пусть ваши данные будут в полной сохранности

Если ваши данные не защищены, вам просто остается ждать, когда произойдет следующая неприятность. Традиционные подходы к защите данных не соответствуют сложности ИТ-инфраструктуры и растущим угрозам. NetApp обеспечивает безопасность данных в облаке без ущерба для производительности приложений. Планирование резервного копирования и аварийного восстановления. Повышение уровня конфиденциальности и соответствия нормативным требованиям. Борьба с программами-вымогателями. Опережение новых угроз. Хорошее решение, не правда ли?

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Try Cloud Insights free for up to 60 days.

NetApp Cloud Insights can help you monitor and optimize all your organization's infrastructure even while working from home. Cloud Insights gives you visibility into all your resources including your public clouds and your private data centers to help you:

  • Maintain availability and find performance issues five times faster.
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 33%.
  • Proactively identify security threats to your data.
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