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Pure Storage Evergreen//One vs. NetApp Keystone

With our trusted foundation of storage innovation, automated cost controls, and true hybrid cloud and multiprotocol flexibility, NetApp Keystone® outshines the overly simple, siloed, manual storage-as-a-service approach of Pure Storage Evergreen//One.

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Why Keystone?

Keystone helps you extend and enhance your private and hybrid cloud infrastructure while we handle financial risk and storage tasks. We don’t break your budget, and you don’t break a sweat.

Pick a cloud, any cloud

NetApp® ONTAP® is the only enterprise-grade data management software natively embedded in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Pure is a little new to multicloud storage as a service, with no first-party native cloud storage services and only limited coverage for its block-only hybrid cloud storage.

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Control cost with automated data tiering

Keystone lets you automatically tier cold data to lower-cost storage on premises or in any public cloud, helping you save over 50% on storage costs. Pure doesn’t support automated tiering in their controls. What could be simpler than automation?

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Compare storage as a service

Get the storage you need, without the risk or the hassle—and with pricing, performance, and availability that leaves Pure looking like a bit of a rookie. The choice is easy. Compare Pure Evergreen//One and NetApp Keystone.

NetApp Keystone Pure Storage Evergreen//One
Highest performance level Extreme – 12228 IOPs/TiB Ultra – 2000 IOPs/TiB Best value for money* Capacity from $24/TiB and performance from 2c/IO/TiB Capacity from $43/TiB and performance from 11c/IO/TiB Highest service level agreement Five nines Four nines Services and technology to help you get the right fit the first time Workload Analysis Cloud Insights N/A Burn down your public cloud commit with multicloud management including with first party cloud services Cloud Manager with FSX-NetApp ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files and Netapp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud No 1st party public cloud services Automated cold data tiering We move cloud data blocks to lower cost storage automatically and saving our customers 50%. Not even close.


  1. per TiB/month for 12 month contract for block storage – correct as at 31st Aug 2022
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NetApp Keystone: Do data on your terms

It’s a hybrid world. It’s a multicloud world. True flexibility today requires cloud interoperability. Always ask questions when an IT vendor like Pure tries to sign you up for a hybrid cloud option that doesn’t work with all three major clouds. There’s one simple choice for storage as a service, and it’s NetApp Keystone.

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