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Telindus, part of Proximus, is the independent expert and supplier in the field of access, connectivity and data center solutions in combination with security, multi-vendor support and managed services. IT demands are becoming more and more extreme and that requires knowledge of the complete IT chain. Because individual components like the datacenter, connectivity and access layer continue to integrate further, these cannot be seen separately anymore. Telindus' knowledge and expertise in the field of end to end infrastructure solutions seamlessly matches this. With these solutions the organization focuses on guaranteeing optimal and safe access to the complete infrastructure and maximum availability: everywhere, from every place.

Telindus has strategic partnerships with major virtualization, networking, storage, backup, telecommunications and security vendors. In addition, the organization has its own training institute and an advanced demo center where the latest technologies are demonstrated live. Visit for more information.

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  • Data Protection Specialized
  • Data Security Specialized
  • Infrastructure Specialized

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  • E-Series

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  • Utrecht, Netherlands

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