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Rubytech LLC

Rubytech is an advanced system integrator with deep expertise and a powerful team of professionals, which is rightly considered to be one of the strongest on the IT market. We are trusted by the largest government agencies and system companies including the Federal Tax Service, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, PJSC "Gazprom", PJSC "Rostelecom", and "Gazprombank". In total, the company employs over 400 people.  

Over the years of dealing with major projects for the country's backbone enterprises, the company's experts, specialists and managers have accumulated unique experience in building IT infrastructure, designing data centers, and developing information security network solutions and technologies. Rubitech has been joined by the team, which has created and is further developing the Skala-R product range, including a hyperconverged computing platform. Today Skala-R serves as an infrastructure basis for major government information systems. We also strive to solve customers' large-scale tasks related to the implementation of data management platforms and up-to-date customer relationship management systems.

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  • Moscow, Russian Federation

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