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Enterprise Services LLC

HP Enterprise Services provides infrastructure technology outsourcing services, applications services, and industry services, including business process outsourcing to more than 1,700 business and government clients in 90 countries. With its commitment to innovation, HP is driving the evolution of the Instant-On Enterprise -- one in which the organization and technology are intertwined. Powered by HP and technology, the Instant-On Enterprise is less bound by rigid business processes and is better equipped to respond to customers and citizens in real time.

As one of NetApp's valued partners, HP Enterprise Services, with its global reach, industry expertise, and breadth of IT capabilities, combined with NetApp® technologies for storage efficiency, has achieved innovative cost savings, reduced implementation times, and improved time to market for HP Enterprise Services and its clients. HP Enterprise Services currently manages over 700 NetApp systems worldwide, representing more than 7PB of storage. Applications include mission-critical database, hosted SAP®, Web hosting, Exchange services, home directories, VMware® SAN environments, and NetApp V-Series gateways, as well as remote backup and recovery services.

Country contracts with NetApp:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United States of America
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  • Palo Alto, United States

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