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HCL Technologies Limited

The DACH region comprising Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, and is therefore a strategic region for HCL. Our regional headquarters are in Eschborn, Germany with additional offices in Munich and Berlin. A recognized name among Austrian companies, we have offices in Vienna, as well as Zurich and Basel in Switzerland.

HCL currently has over 600 employees working on various client engagements in Switzerland, Austria and Germany:

  • 460+ employees working on engagements with major companies in Germany- Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart
  • 140+ employees working on engagements with major clients across Switzerland- Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Fribourg
  • 20+ employees working on engagements with Austrian companies based out of Vienna

Among the top IT companies in Germany and the larger DACH area, HCL offers best in class services to its customers. These encompass several industries like infrastructure services, core software, engineering R&D and business services.

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  • Zürich, Switzerland

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