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Harel Information Technologies Ltd.

Harel Information Technologies is a provider of professional computer solutions for organizations and businesses. Since its inception in 1989, the company has set a goal to lead the field of computing and communications solutions. In 2010 the company was acquired by ONE1, the country's largest IT groups. As part of its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions provides Harel information technology solutions for hardware, peripherals, employee placement, communication and turnkey project management nationwide and internationally (including the management and implementation of projects abroad). Harel Information Technologies business partner of the world's leading manufacturers. 

Solution Specializations

  • AI/Machine Learning Specialized
  • Data Protection Specialized
  • Data Security Specialized

Services Specializations

Implementation Services Certified

  • E-Series
  • HCI

Integration Services Certified

  • E-Series

Professional Services Certified

  • ONTAP Data Protection

Support Services Certified

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  • Petah Tikva, Israel

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