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Dasher Technologies Inc.

Dasher Technologies is a leading national IT solution provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, that designs, delivers, and manages innovative solutions that digitally transform businesses. Dasher maintains strategic relationships with world-class manufacturers and has industry-recognized expertise in technologies such as cybersecurity, enterprise networking, data center, and hybrid cloud services. Dasher professional services enable clients to navigate the journey from one generation of technology to the next, setting the standard for personal service through its trusted work of expert engineers and account managers. Founded in 1998, Dasher is an award-winning, certified Woman Owned Business with offices in California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast. 

Dasher engineers are experts at architecting and implementing NetApp Cloud Solutions. Having undertaken our own cloud journey, we are intimately familiar the complexities associated with making this type of digital transformation. We look forward to discussing how NetAPP’s cloud portfolio can help solve the tough business challenges you face. 

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  • Campbell, United States

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