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At CURAit, we have a passionate and professional approach to providing and consulting on IT and infrastructure. One of our strengths is our recognition of the fact that every customer has different requirements, and therefore, needs different solutions. In addressing these differences, we use our solid knowledge of technology and quality to design a unique service for every single one of our customers. CURAit offers what we believe to be the best technologies on the market, and on that basis, we have carefully selected our technical providers. A relationship with CURAit is a long-term relationship, both for customers and partners.

Due to our long-term cooperation with NetApp, CURAit has become a dedicated service provider. We value NetApp as a serious business partner, with their world-class technologies that ensure optimal uptime. With NetApp, we can provide important features such as short backup duration, less administration, and reduced power usage - all together reducing our clients' costs. CURAit is a dedicated NetApp partner who is loyal towards their technology.

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  • Albertslund, Denmark

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