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Catalogic Software Inc.

Founded in 1996, Catalogic’s mission is to enable IT organizations to protect and leverage their data, delivering significant reductions to CAPEX and OPEX while providing superior services to the business. With its range of software products and client services, Catalogic helps clients protect, recover, manage, orchestrate and make use of their backup and copy data across their enterprise and cloud in support of mission critical IT functions including disaster recovery, test/dev, DevOps, next generation data protection, and business analytics. 

Catalogic offers four products, each targeting a specific area of data protection or copy data management. Across all its products, Catalogic strives to provide software that:

  • Does what it's supposed to do, plain and simple
  • Solves one or more key challenges faced by organizations
  • Is supported by one of the best teams in the industry, with a twenty-year track record of customer satisfaction
  • Doesn't break your budget, and offers flexible software purchasing options

Whether a targeted solution for automated delivery of database copies on enterprise storage arrays (including NetApp), or a wide-ranging data protection offering, Catalogic has solutions that fit your needs. Complementing these are solutions for data protection of open hypervisors and containers, and a versatile solution for backup for edge devices (laptops, phones, tablets) and SaaS platforms (Office 365, Box), and secure enterprise file-sharing.

Technology Solutions

  • Cloud Data Services
  • Data Protection
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  • Woodcliff Lake, United States

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