Welcome to NetApp, we’re the cloud storage specialists

We can’t bring down the house at Carnegie Hall. We can bring enterprise-grade data services to the cloud, and the simplicity and flexibility of cloud into the data center.

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Connect your data center to the cloud

Read our e-book, Build a standardized data architecture (or: How to achieve Master Integrator status). Learn about a set of unified standards that govern the data that is collected and how it's stored, integrated, and used.

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You may have a cloud storage spending problem

Shadow IT accounts. Surprising cloud bills. We‘re here to help you recognize the five warning signs of overspending on public cloud storage. Explore ten things you can do right now to reduce cloud storage costs.

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Meet the specialists in a virtual briefing

Experience a NetApp Executive Briefing in a virtual setting. When travel is not an option, we bring our experts to you, to discuss current and future business requirements and collaboratively explore new ways to solve business challenges.