Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: Well-connected

Improve your machine-to-machine data connection. NetApp® Internet of Things (IoT) solutions help aggregate, analyze, and gain real-time insights from the vast amounts of IoT data you collect.

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Why NetApp for IoT?

Organize, analyze, and gain real-time insights

NetApp IoT solutions bridge current and future requirements, allowing your organization to create value from IoT without storage bottlenecks or limitations.

Our IoT solutions offer compute and storage capabilities to perform just-in-time analytics and compute on IoT datasets at the infrastructure edge, as well as implement AI/ML processes.

Data collected from edge IoT devices is critical to improving operations and delivering a high-quality customer experience. With 25 years of proven data protection and mobility technology, NetApp offers data availability when and where you need it.

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IoT at the edge

Manage your IoT data at the edge and create actionable insights in real time.​ Collect and process data anywhere.​ Manage storage for high-volume, time-series, and unstructured data.

Use IoT and edge computing to improve operations, gather analytics and help optimize your business model

Aggregate data at the edge for local, real-time processing and inferencing with a cost-effective system. Process mission critical data with data protection ensuring data is where you want it when you want it. And provide analytics at the edge to feed AI/ML models ​

GigaOm Report: Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise HCI

See why GigaOm called NetApp® HCI® "a very compelling hybrid cloud infrastructure solution for large enterprises and ISPs."​ ​

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Gain real time insights from machine-to-machine data

Bridge current and future requirements to create value from IoT without storage bottlenecks or limitations. Implement the right storage solution today for a viable infrastructure for the long term.

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Lower the cost of petabyte-scale data management for unstructured data

Manage the massive amounts of real-time data from modern analytics solutions that quickly outpace the cost/benefit of primary storage tiers. Reduce TCO by 75% through NetApp® StorageGRID® integrated lifecycle management. And automate and integrate into your existing environment.

Monetize your IoT data

Gather IoT data specific to your customer base, treat it as an asset, and use it to create new revenue streams. Utilize insights to enhance business operations and services.

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NetApp Keystone

Met NetApp Keystone kunt u cloudresources flexibel afnemen. U kiest zelf of u resources wilt bouwen of kopen, hetzij on-premises hetzij in de public cloud.

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