Healthix Improves Care for Over 16 Million Patients with NetApp

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Largest public health information exchange in the United States helps New York area doctors save lives and prevent unnecessary hospital stays by providing real-time access to patient data


NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), empowering its customers to change the world with data, today celebrates Healthix, the largest public health information exchange in the United States. A data visionary, Healthix is breaking through traditional barriers by providing instant and continuous access to data to improve care for over 16 million New York City and Long Island patients.

“The ability to quickly move, manage, and protect data is at the core of our business, and makes a direct and immediate difference in people’s lives,” said Healthix Chief Information Officer Todd Rogow. “NetApp gives us the performance we need to reliably move huge volumes of data in and out at real-time speed, which in turn enables us to quickly deliver data to caregivers when and where they need it.”

Healthix enlisted NetApp as a strategic partner to build a nondisruptive solution for sharing patient data among unrelated healthcare organizations, while remaining compliant with patient privacy laws and regulations. In addition, Healthix needed a solution that would support data aggregation for patient populations and performance, as well as power and support the analytics engines that update risk scores every night for 16 million patients.

With its new solution in place, Healthix can connect hundreds of caregivers in nearly 1,500 facilities across New York City and Long Island, and can integrate with every commonly used electronic health record (EHR) system, including Epic and Cerner, to send and receive protected patient information in real time. This collaboration and integration enables physicians affiliated with different hospitals to access a patient’s essential medical history and receive real-time alerts on patient health conditions, such as admissions or discharges from hospital emergency rooms, with the consent of the patient.

The data management solution also enables emergency room physicians in different facilities to use Healthix to retrieve a patient’s medical history, including medication lists and allergies, to help them determine whether they are dealing with an existing problem or a new issue. “If I go to the emergency room, an alert will go out to my primary care physician, and they can call right away and say, ‘Hey, I know Todd. I treat him every day, and I have his care plan,’” said Rogow. “Bringing together caregivers in real time is very powerful.”

Working with NetApp, Healthix is well positioned to process its monthly 50 million messages and 750,000 information requests in real time, as well as manage exponential data growth for the foreseeable future.

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