NetApp Data Fabric Drives 24X7 Product Development, Speeds Data Recovery

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ON Semiconductor teams with NetApp to deliver on its Shield vision for long-term high availability, deploys all-flash solutions to support 125 sites and 68 data centers worldwide


"The Shield, our vision for long-term high availability, protects our data as it moves seamlessly between our three primary data centers, 125 sites and 65 data centers around the world," says Phil Colon, senior director of global infrastructure services at ON Semiconductor. “With NetApp, we were able to transform our vision to a reality and leverage a Data Fabric to enable connectivity and replication across all sites with failover for unplanned downtime.”

ON Semiconductor is driving energy efficient innovations in almost every industry, including automotive, electronics, computers, and healthcare. As a result of a series of strategic acquisitions, ON Semiconductor now has 125 manufacturing sites and 68 data centers around the world. For many years, every site was responsible for its own IT, but as the company grew it became increasingly difficult to maintain high availability worldwide.

The company chose NetApp to help it consolidate its footprint and simplify its SAN environment across all 125 global manufacturing sites. Several of these sites deploy NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP) All Flash FAS and hybrid arrays, which run NetApp ONTAP® software, the industry’s leading data management solution. To support high performance and availability for critical enterprise applications, ON Semiconductor added NetApp All Flash FAS arrays to its primary data center in Colorado. NetApp professional services team members helped the company provide onsite support to its engineers. This included focus on storage infrastructure management and identifying ways to continue to drive consolidation over time.

With its new approach, ON Semiconductor’s application performance increased by an average of 50%, with speeds for individual applications increasing as much as 64%. The company was able to consolidate 84 racks of storage to just 24 in its new primary data center. It saw costs fall by 30% due to a reduction of 40% in power consumption. ON Semiconductor also reduced recovery time objectives (RTO) by 26% (from 5 days to 3.5 days) and recovery point objectives (RPO) by 50% (from 48 to 24 hours).

Today, ON Semiconductor’s vision for Shield has progressed to deliver a robust disaster recovery approach, with NetApp SnapMirror® replicating data across geographies to ensure minimal downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster. ON Semiconductor now has the infrastructure in place to scale its storage seamlessly without impacting ongoing operations.

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