What is entry-level storage?

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Entry-level flash storage is simple, smart, secure, affordable, high-performance data storage for enterprises to start small and grow with seamless cloud connectivity as business requirements increase.

Organizations large and small are navigating at a rapid pace of change in a data-driven economy. Delivering data simply, quickly, and cost-effectively is essential to driving business growth, and hybrid cloud has emerged as the most efficient way to meet changing business needs. Every IT organization is trying to determine how to modernize with hybrid cloud, and all-flash storage systems are critical on premises to speed up enterprise applications. However, small enterprises have continued to use hard disk storage systems because of the high cost of all-flash solutions.

An entry-level storage system offers compact, dense, cost-effective, and easy-to-use storage. These storage systems can be deployed in small offices, small enterprises, and remote locations to run both file and block workloads effectively and efficiently. A simple storage system should support multiple protocols, including FC, NFS, SMB/CIFS, iSCSI, and FCoE, to help customers consolidate multiple applications onto a single simple system. It must be easy to install and deploy, secure and provide flexibility to connect to cloud .

Entry-level flash storage systems help accelerate all applications, consolidate workloads with a better user experience, more effective storage and offer the best value to the customer.

What are the benefits of entry-level storage?

The benefits of entry-level storage include:

Entry-level storage use cases

Some common uses cases for entry-level storage include:

Why NetApp for entry-level storage?

All-flash storage systems are no longer out of reach. The NetApp® AFF C190 storage system powered by NetApp ONTAP® data management software, offers a simple, smart, and secure enterprise-class flash system for an affordable price. Designed for IT generalists, it helps you meet new business requirements with a modern all-flash array that provides comprehensive data services, integrated data protection, seamless scalability, new levels of performance, and cloud integration.

AFF A220 is enterprise-class flash system is recommended for customers with higher performance and larger capacity requirements. NetApp offers additional mid-range and high-end all-flash storage arrays to provide wide-range of solutions to small to large enterprises.


  • Easy to set up and provision workloads in less than 10 minutes
  • Offers seamless cloud connectivity for future expansion


  • Lower TCO with data reduction
  • Accelerate application performance and improve response time


  • Protect your data at rest and in transit
  • Never lose data with zero-data-loss protection


  • Improved TCO compared to HDD – save money on power, cooling, and space
  • Offers best value in a compact system

High Performance

  • Accelerate the performance of all applications
  • Flash offers extreme performance, and storage efficiency helps you to consolidate workloads

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