Data Warehouse Solutions

    NetApp Data Warehouse solutions offer high availability and space-efficient data management for 24/7 DSS operations.

    NetApp provides a full range of data-warehouse storage solutions with high availability for 24/7 decision support. 

    NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and SnapRestore® technology ensure extract, transform, and load (ETL) completion. For disk-to-disk backup, NetApp SnapVault® software can perform incremental backups at rates of up to 8TB/hour, and data operations can continue as needed while backups are running. NetApp SnapMirror® simplifies and lowers the cost of disaster recovery. 

    NetApp SnapManager® tools for Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server® integrate with existing database tools and make it easy to perform backup, restore, replication, and cloning operations. Policy-based automation keeps your data warehouse protected—you can even delegate storage-related tasks to database administrators so they can meet their storage requirements without delay.

    Storage volumes are not tied to physical storage, so provisioning is fast and simple, and storage utilization is higher. NetApp modular storage systems let you scale performance to 32GB/sec and capacity to 4PB.

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