NS0-502 SAN Implementation Exam Objectives

    SAN Solution Assessment

    • Meet the prerequisites for installation of NetApp system and switches.
    • Collect the information required to configure NetApp systems.
    • List a detailed inventory of SAN components.

    SAN Implementation Plan Creation

    • Verify and plan for dual power feeds for all components.
    • Create and interpret cabinet diagrams.
    • Create connectivity diagram.
    • Plan Storage controller configuration.
    • Plan Host configuration.
    • Create snapshot plan.
    • Plan Ethernet switch configuration.
    • Plan zoning configuration.
    • Plan iSCSI configuration.

    SAN Implementation

    • Prepare site for installation.
    • Follow the rack diagram, install systems and FC switches.
    • Perform basic power tests for all equipment.
    • Configure NetApp Storage Systems.
    • Configure FC Switches.
    • Configure Ethernet Switches.
    • Configure Hosts.

    SAN Implementation Testing

    • Create an acceptance test plan.
    • Test host to storage connectivity (native Vol mgr, file system).
    • Test LUN availability during failover scenarios (multipathing).
    • Test controller failover scenarios (multipath HA).