NS0 520 Implementing NetApp Disaster Recovery Solution

    As a NetApp Disaster Recovery Implementation Engineer, you will have proven skills in positioning NetApp disaster recovery solutions, assessing customer storage requirements, and implementing a disaster recovery solution.

    Skills Tested:

    • Explain key backup and recovery technologies and terminology
    • Explain NetApp disaster recovery offerings
    • Identify relevant disaster recovery strategies (Discovery)
    • Perform assessment and interpret customer goals and needs (Design)
    • Structure a solution that meets customer needs and objectives (Implementation Planning)
    • Create a solution that meets customer needs and objectives (Post-Implementation Verification)
    • Create a test plan and validate design

    Exam Information:

    Schedule your exam by calling 1-800-596-3926 or by visiting http://www.prometric.com/NetApp.

    50 Items
    Time: 1.5 hour

    Documentation List

    Recommended Courses:

    Note: ILT – Instructor-Led Training and WBT – Web-Based Training

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