Providing HA/DR for NetApp iSCSI Exchange environments.

    Planned or unplanned downtime can result in lost revenue, decreased productivity, and diminished user satisfaction. Consequently, today's enterprise environments cannot accept downtime of any type. Applications, databases, servers, and data storage systems must remain highly available at all times, under all circumstances. In the event of a failure or disruption, users expect data and the associated critical applications to be readily accessible. High availability is an operational necessity.

    Symantec Cluster Server for NetApp SnapMirror® delivers the most worry-free Microsoft® Windows® and Exchange environments by combining with NetApp storage systems to provide transparent server, application, and data failover. SnapManager® management software coordinates SnapMirror remote replication and VCS clustering, while SnapDrive® software permits improved management of VCS resources, virtual disks, and Snapshot™ copies.

    The key benefits of this joint solution include:

    • Ensuring the availability of data and applications
    • Minimizing the cost of planned and unplanned downtime
    • Achieving fast, automatic failover of data and applications
    • Designing and deploying within any network infrastructure
    • Centralizing, streamlining, and automating resource management