Accommodate 50% annual data growth and support partnership with other local healthcare providers to enhance patient care and reduce costs.



availability for critical applications

UZ Leuven

Belgian university hospital scales to support exponential data growth and provides 99.999% availability for critical applications.

In healthcare, systems and data must be available 24/7. However, with more than 3PB of data to manage—growing by more than 50% each year—UZ Leuven frequently had to move data between storage systems to load-balance for capacity or performance.

Although the hospital avoided downtime for critical systems, keeping data moving behind the scenes became difficult and time consuming for IT staff.

With NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, UZ Leuven is able to keep critical data, images, and applications available 24/7 while retaining flexibility in data management.

The quality of service feature of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP helps UZ Leuven maintain consistent application performance by specifying throughput limits and preventing workloads from affecting each other.

As UZ Leuven’s data continues to grow, the hospital will be able to scale smoothly and enhance the already high quality of healthcare services and research. Management requirements will decrease as the hospital moves more workloads over to the NetApp clusters, allowing existing IT staff to manage more data.

About this Customer

UZ Leuven

University Hospitals of Leuven (UZ Leuven) is an academic hospital in the city of Leuven, Belgium, with 5 campuses, 8,900 employees, and more than 2,000 beds. One of the most respected healthcare providers and medical research facilities in Europe, UZ Leuven also acts as an IT service provider for nexuz health, sharing electronic medical records with other hospitals in the surrounding area.

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