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Availability of systems and records

UZ Leuven

All-flash Storage for Patient Records and VDI

UZ Leuven has experienced tremendous growth. Five years ago, it supported 2,000 beds; today it supports more than 9,000 beds, and expects to grow to more than 12,000 beds in the near future. Data is growing by more than 50% annually. As UZ Leuven adds more hospitals to its internally developed EPR system, which is currently sized to support 6,000 concurrent users in hospitals across the area, it must keep response times fast and consistent.

Delivering outstanding patient care also requires efficient operations across teams. With this in mind, UZ Leuven is expanding its use of VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Approximately 1,000 users access the virtual desktops via thin- or zero-clients in operating rooms, emergency departments, and nursing stations. UZ Leuven intends to add 2,000 more VDI users and offer virtual desktops as a service to other nexuz health members.

To scale the EPR system and support its virtualization goals without storage bottlenecks, UZ Leuven moved its SAP ASE database and VMware Horizon View virtual desktop servers to NetApp All Flash FAS AFF8040 storage systems. The NetApp arrays run the clustered Data ONTAP operating system, allowing the hospital to optimize care delivery with 99.999% availability of systems and records.

By moving to NetApp All Flash FAS, UZ Leuven is enabling more automated cross-checking and faster, more detailed analysis of patient and drug information, such as comparing lab results with medications. It can provide consistent performance profiles for different workloads by using storage Quality of Service (QoS) policies in clustered Data ONTAP. As a result, a growing network of nexuz health caregivers can continue to make informed and confident decisions about patient care.

In addition, UZ Leuven will be able to achieve its goal of tripling the number of virtual desktops, enhancing medical provider processes and patient care, while meeting sustainability goals focused on reducing electricity usage by replacing traditional PCs. UZ Leuven can also expand and service its flash storage without downtime, helping the hospital to grow and offer more services to the nexuz health community. At least five more hospitals are joining in the near future, and UZ Leuven will be able to exceed its high standards for healthcare technology delivery.

About this Customer

UZ Leuven

University Hospitals of Leuven (UZ Leuven) is the largest healthcare provider in Belgium and one of the most respected medical research facilities in Europe. UZ Leuven also supports nexuz health (a collaborative medical alliance) by hosting patient records and providing secure, rapid access to information for a network of 18 hospitals in the surrounding area.

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