Data and analytics enable the rapid development of new services.


Data-driven sales and marketing plans, based on actual guest behavior, lead to personalized services for NAVIS clients.

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Unearthing Hidden Revenue for Hospitality Clients

NAVIS is distinguished by a relentless drive to deliver results through software that helps hospitality industry clients better follow up on leads, engage with guests, and provide them with the best possible stays. This zeal for client success has made NAVIS the No. 1 reservation sales and marketing technology provider for the hospitality industry. Its client roster includes 375 hotels and resorts and 225 vacation rental companies.

NAVIS applications streamline sales, marketing, and booking workflows. As companies interact with guests, NAVIS software captures relevant details that enable better interaction and follow up, as well as metrics for actionable responses. Damion D’Oyley, senior manager of information technology at NAVIS, says, “Our solutions continually collect data on every booking and marketing interaction between hotels and guests across digital and phone touchpoints. Our services analyze this data to measure the full impact of each sales or marketing effort, and to identify course corrections that result in revenue and guest experience improvements.”

With information from NAVIS, clients develop sales and marketing plans informed by the behavior of real guests and driven by proven strategies while weeding out what hasn’t worked. Clients tailoring sales and marketing strategies based on NAVIS’ data and insights have experienced an average revenue increase of $4,800 per room/unit each year.

NAVIS relies on a NetApp flash solution to manage the customer data that’s the backbone of its services. NetApp's superior performance and capacity enable NAVIS to effortlessly manage rapidly growing data stores, deliver a more responsive, personalized reservation experience, and more quickly develop new data-driven solutions for its clients.

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NAVIS provides cloud-based hospitality sales, marketing, and call center solutions to hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals.

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