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Get started with automating your dev work flows with NetApp and Ansible

Step 1: Learn how to Ansible

Application deployment, configuration management, and orchestration—all from one system. Powerful automation made easier with NetApp® modules for Ansible.

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Overview and setup: How to install Ansible

A guide to getting started with Ansible on NetApp.

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Step 2: Automate! With NetApp + Ansible

Trusted automation can be fast, safe, and simple. Learn about the modules recently released for NetApp and find out how to incorporate them into your Ansible playbooks. Listen to NetApp and Ansible engineers describe best practices and answer frequently asked questions.

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Step 3: Join the community

Collaborate, network, and learn alongside your peers. NetApp and Ansible are fostering strong communities to support and share best practices. To learn how you can get involved, click the following links and join the conversation.

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